Javascript Integration, Actionscript Integration
In-browser, Online Data Matrix Reader / Decoder
Providing Barcode solutions for RIA Integration
General Info The "Data Matrix Web Package" is a platform for reading and generating Data Matrix codes with the purpose of enriching web experience. We offer full support and customization in order to provide easy and simple integration into different web apps. Please read the Solutions & Services section for more information.
Components Our "Data Matrix Web Package Reader" is a software module that will empower your site or rich web application with the possibility of decoding 2D Data Matrix codes inside an online "in-browser" environment. All components are designed to work with the Flash Player runtime.
Try Now! Check out our Online Data Matrix Reader and Generator Demos right on this page. All you need is a Webcam (for the Reader Demo) and a Flash enabled browser. If you have a Flash capable phone, you are not required to print a test code and instead you can use our Touch Friendly Data Matrix Generator
Data Matrix Reader
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