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Othmar Fetz
Hi, please get in contact with me, I m searching support for one of your products i once purchased.
2016-05-02 05:51:10
Hello : Do you have an ANE AS3 class I could use to scan data matrix with a mobile device? I m a student n would like to build a scanner of barcodes, n qr codes.
2014-12-11 02:48:35
Hello : Do you have an ANE AS3 class I could use to scan data matrix with a mobile device? I m a student n would like to build a scanner of barcodes, n qr codes.
2014-12-11 02:47:59
Marcelo Soares
I was wondering if it s possible to link other stuff to the qr codes or just these texts. I want a solution to scan the code with my webcam and make it direct the user to a certain website. Thanks
2013-09-20 01:31:33
I just want a book barcode reader via webcam for my library app, i do not much experienced actionscipt, i prefer js solution. how much it could cost.
2013-03-27 00:43:16
TagsRepublic Team
We have a HTML5 project in the early stages, but we are still waiting for default support on the other major browsers too (both mobile and desktop versions - over 50 percent user coverage) before going further with the development.
2012-12-18 21:16:38
Hello, have you a solution with html5 technology instead of flash?
2012-12-18 18:43:55
TagsRepublic Team
Could you please reformulate your previous inquiry. Are you referring to OCR software?
2012-11-06 22:21:43
Hi, is it possible to use a "text " as code and not an barcode? Is there a way? Thanks!!
2012-11-02 13:05:42
TagsRepublic Team
This problem appears only in the demo - which is based on an older version of our software library. In our latest version of the Data Matrix reader library this bug was fixed. The demo will be brought up to date in the following weeks. If you need further info please contact us via email.
2012-04-26 17:26:24
Demo version at work fine, but you need every time "Allow access to web camera ". If you select in global flash preferences "Allow always for " - it doesn t work and shows just a black screen. Reproduced in FF, Chrome, IE on Win, MacOs, Linux. Is this a problem only with demo or we gonna have the same issue if we buy your library?
2012-04-26 13:54:19
TagsRepublic Team
The only way (we know of) one can run the reader module on iOS is through an AIR app. We are thinking about developing a future "pure " js / HTML5 solution, but that is bound to camera feed access / support which is not part of the standard yet.
2012-01-16 10:27:54
Norman Koehring
Hello. Is it possible to make web based dm-readers (working with js/flash) working on Apple iPad and/or iPhone?
2012-01-14 13:32:35
TagsRepublic Team
Yes. The UPC decoder can be easily integrated into a Flash project. Please contact us through e-mail for if you require integration support.
2011-08-26 22:35:05
Hello, is there any way to make the UPC decoder work in a pure Flash project? (ie: not FLEX) Thanks
2011-08-26 20:40:16
TagsRepublic Team
For the moment our library doesn t support QR codes, but we are considering the development of an AS3 QR library in the near future.
2011-08-23 17:06:26
Is there support for reading QR codes?
2011-08-23 16:59:43
Vic Marinelli
Quick question about your Data Matrix Reader for Flash. Does this reader work when creating an .ipa through the Adobe iOS packager with AIR 2.7 ?
2011-08-23 15:04:55
TagsRepublic Team
The Data Matrix Reader demo on our site is designed (intended) for JavaScript integration.This version has no public methods for code extraction when embedded into an ActionScript project. Please contact us by email if you are interested in the ActionScript version / ActionScript embedding.
2011-07-21 16:24:46
Joerg Schulz
Hi my question is when i have the demo, can i read out the resould of a datamatrix code in flash as3 by includes in my code? (Sorry for my english i am German)
2011-07-20 17:57:33
TagsRepublic Team
For more details contact us by email. We do not plan to make a public demo release of the AS package soon. However, in some cases we might provide custom demo builds to existing (potential) clients. Thank you.
2011-07-07 17:50:53
Javier Guerrero
Hi, I'm developing a Flex app based on the videoplayer component, and I'd like to try adding datamatrix recognition capabilities to that display. Is there a trial version of the SWC (signed, date limited, recognition capabilities limited, ...) like many other components (for instance, IBM Ilog Elixir) in order to try the integration, and then proceed to buy the license if everything works? Thank you.
TagsRepublic Team
The UPC / EAN 1D barcode Reader Project (including source code) is located on this site. Please check the Solutions section (last entry on the right). The Project is released under GNU GPL license.
2011-06-29 16:32:17
I noticed on your blog, X"an UPC / EAN 1D barcode Reader in Flash (requires manual focus or autofocus capable webcam) X" Where can I find a demo for this and can you contact me with more info about pricing?
2011-06-29 06:46:54
TagsRepublic Team
In the AS version you can : set reader parameters, register a code / marker found callback function, push a custom video / camera stream. In our last post we were referring to giving direct access to code that already deals with part of this; basically giving direct control over how things work., without resorting to another intermediary / isolation layer.
2011-06-04 09:15:20
You mean access to those methods is not granted by default in the actionscript version?
2011-06-04 00:35:50
TagsRepublic Team
We can grant access to part of the code (the one that deals with marker overlay , camera acquisition, detected code processing) with the exception of the decoding and detection core which is licensed as closed source. This version is recommended for advanced developers.
2011-06-03 15:38:01
Hello, I was wondering what comes with the flash version, is it only swc or editable as files too? Thanks for the time.
2011-06-03 06:11:52
TagsRepublic Team
Please check the Solutions section of our site. The prices and conditions are publicly displayed in this section.
2011-05-31 14:18:32
Dear tagsrepublic, I would like to buy your flash barcode. So, could I have any informations about its price? Thanks
2011-05-31 14:09:36
TagsRepublic Team
The price for the SWC / AS embedding component has the same basic price as the JavaScript version. Please check the "Solutions" page.
2011-05-26 21:39:59
Mark Barton
Hi, Just wondered what you would charge for the datamatrix generator as an SWC if I brought the reader? Thanks Mark
2011-05-26 12:42:08
TagsRepublic Team
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2011-04-12 16:47:52
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