Frequently Asked Questions
Data Matrix Reader Questions
How do I install the Data Matrix component?
Our Data Matrix Reader component for JavaScript is designed for fast integration into HTML / JS environments (similar to any Flash component). The ActionScript component package comes with examples and corresponding documentation. Integration is done according to your own project just like any other AS library. Please visit the demo page for examples.
What parameters and configuration options does the Data Matrix Reader component support? Can I customize it's appearance and behaviour?
Our Data Matrix Reader component for JavaScript supports a number of parameters for adjusting its appearance and behaviour. Please visit the demo page for more information. The ActionScript component is fully customizable (please contact us for additional information).
Can I embed the Data Matrix Reader into an Adobe Flex or Flash application?
Yes. We recommended the purchase of the Action Script version of our Data Matrix reader. This version comes as a swf/swc AS library and it is easily embeddable within an Action Script environment like Flash or even Flex SDK.
What type of webcam can I use with the DM reader? Does it have any special requirements?
The DM reader should work on any webcam type. It was designed to work mainly with notebook / netbook cameras, but it should also work with extremely cheap webcams. A camera capable of 640x480 capture resolution is recommended for better detection rates. An auto-focus / manual focus camera could be required in order to read smaller barcode prints.
Does it work on Mac OS X or Linux?
Just like any other Flash based component, it works on Mac OS X and even on Linux distributions with Flash Player 10 Runtime installed. Mac OS X users: if the camera stream is not visible, please select the correct camera device from the Adobe Flash Player Settings panel. On some Linux systems the capture / visible webcam resolution might be a bit smaller due to specific Flash / Linux webcam driver issues. If you are using one of these Operating Systems just test our app on the demo page and see how it works.
I have an Android device with Flash support. Does the Data Matrix reader component work on it?
Yes. But not inside the web browser / directly from a site. Flash Player for Android doesn't allow camera operations yet. You can use / integrate the "ActionScript" reader component inside / into an AIR for Android Application (apk).
Where can I find technical support for the Data Matrix Reader component?
Most answers to technical questions can be found in the documentation or examples which are included in the downloaded package. If you have more questions or need assistance please use the Contact section of our website.
How can I report an issue/problem/bug?
Please post your findings, with as much details as you can, in the Message Board or send us an email using the Contact section of our site. Thank you.
How can I make suggestions / proposals; request assistance or get additional info?
Please use the Message Board or e-mail addresses in our "Contact" section. We are happy to hear new ideas and answer your questions.
Other Projects and Services
I am interested in a complete Data Matrix Web Package : "Reader + Generator with printing" solution. Can you tailor it so I can integrate it right into my application / system?
Yes, of course, contact us and be as detailed as possible in your project/application description, so we can give you a price / development time estimate.
I tried your Data Matrix reader demos and they work seamlessly, but I require a Flash barcode reader for another symbology / code type. Can you develop a custom reader for other barcode types that works just as smooth?
That depends on barcode specifications and on our general workload. Based on your requirements, we can make an early assessment and give you a preliminary performance / development time / price estimation. Contact us for more info.
I am interested in one of your other projects / I require a complete custom solution / service. How should I proceed?
We provide custom development solutions for all our projects (DM Generator, DM Printing, Upc/Ean Reader, etc.). Send us your project (custom app) description / specification via email with as much details as you can, and we will get back to you with in the shortest time possible.
Purchase Information
How can I purchase a license for one of your Data Matrix Reader components?
At the moment there are two ways to purchase our reader: contact us before with your billing details, we will send you an invoice via Pay Pal (or our billing information if you want to pay by bank transfer) or purchase it directly from the site via Pay Pal (we will send you the component as soon as we receive confirmation from Pay Pal).
What payment options do you accept?
As payment methods, our customers have the following two options: a) PayPal and b) Bank Transfer. Other payment options might be made available at request.
How can I receive an invoice?
We issue a separate invoice for every order placed. The electronic invoice is sent to the client's e-mail address. At request, we can send you a physical / original invoice (stamp + signature) through normal mail (once a purchase is made).
Can I use your products on more than one site / commercial application? (once I purchase a license)
No. The basic developer license grants you the rights to deploy it on only one public site / embed it into one commercial application. However, if a product is part of one of our custom solutions, licensing terms could cover multiple instalations.
Is the source code included? (for modifications)
A DM Reader license does not grant you access to the source code. However, you can modify the component by accessing its availble public parameters / methods. Reverse engineering, or any methods used to discover the source code are prohibited. Any atempt to do so, renders your license void. For certain custom solutions / services or other components, partial or complete source code can be released.
I require more than one license. Are there any volume discounts?
Yes. Please contact us in order to find out the discounted price according to your volume.
Can I transfer my license to somebody else?
Yes and no. Yes: if the component was deployed on a public site. No: if the component was embedded into one independently distributable commercial application (for e.g. an AIR app). You have to contact us first in order to validate your license transfer.
I want to use one of your components for educational purposes/projects. Are there any educational discounts?
There are no additional discounts for educational organizations / projects.
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