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The "Data Matrix Web Package" is a software component suite that allows for fast and efficient integration of Data Matrix barcodes in the online, "in-browser" environment. Expand the way you manage information in your web applications with this innovative approach. We offer solutions that can be applied to a large variety of scenarios: ranging from marketing campains, coupon redeeming, online ticketing, sales, login systems to mobile barcode readers and augmented reality. Our DM Web Package is primary dedicated to RIA developers, web designers and site owners serving businesses, affiliated customers and final consumers. All our components are designed to work under the highly popular* Adobe Flash Player / AIR Runtime.

While popular in the mobile world, performant and scalable barcode reading solutions are close to non-existent in the online ("in-browser") environment. The stand-alone "Data Matrix Reader" commercial components represent the core of our DM Web Package as they provide the ability to read Data Matrix 2D barcodes within a flexible and intuitive online interface. Our components are designed for accesible setup and simple integration into your, or your customers' third-party applications/sites. Embed our components and add a new dimension to the way your users / customers / visitors see and accept 2D barcode scanning technology. By looking at our approach from the user's perspective : there is no need for external reading application install, just a simple visit to your site. The "all-in-one solution" (DM Reader + DM Generator with printing capabilies) is available only as part of our custom-developed solutions & services portfolio.

Data Matrix Reader:JavaScript

Simple, fast HTML deployment

Focused on webpage integration

Suited for Ajax applications

JavaScript calls / callbacks

Configuration through parameter set

No ActionScript knowledge required

Demo available: Try it Now!

Data Matrix Reader:ActionScript

For ActionScript developers

Targets Flash / Flex / AIR applications

Highly customizable

Delivered as a SWC component

Build your own interface or use the standard one

Use it on mobile devices through Air for Android

€ 299(ex. VAT)
€ 299(ex. VAT)
Interested in acquiring a licensed / uncensored version of one of our products? Please fill in the "Place an Order" form and we will get back to you with further details. By purchasing one of our components you get a developer / deployment license which grants you the rights to embed the module into a public site / commercial app developed either for yourself or for one of your clients. Once a purchase is made, you also receive 6 months of free technical support services & updates. Accepted payment options include Bank Transfer or PayPal. Additional VAT tax could be added where applicable (only if you are a non-VAT registered EU customer).
What better way is there to get a proper image of our DM Reader's performance than to experience it for yourself? You can try the basic DM reader demo right on our Home Page or evaluate the JS Embeddable Reader Demo. There are no special webcam requirements as the reader was designed to work on general notebook / netbook cameras or other common webcams. If you own a handheld device with Flash support, there is no need to print test barcodes and you can use our Touch Friendly Data Matrix Generator.

Basic Reader features:
  • decodes 2D Data Matrix square codes;
  • embeddable in a HTML-JavaScript / ActionScript environment;
  • offers methods and properties for starting an stopping the decoding stream;
  • returns the decoded string through a JavaScript function call;
  • provides an interface for Javascript calls/call-backs;
  • comes as a SWF / SWC compliant file;
  • runs under the Adobe Flash Player 10+ Run-time;
  • detects 1x1 Data Grid ECC200 Data Matrix markers;
  • decodes error corrected ASCII, C40, Text (Encodation Schemes) encoded information;
  • accompanied by usage examples or public method and property specification documents;
  • accepts size, camera, timing, smoothing public parameters.
  • Base 256, Edifact, ANSI x12, 2x2,4x4 Data Grids - support available (not in the demo).
These system specifications are recommended in order to build up a strong end-user experience for applications embedding "Ufo DM Web Package Reader" component. They do not represent a minimal requirements specification.
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 Run-Time, with support and permissions for camera access.
  • webcam supporting a resolution of 640 x 480 at 30 FPS. Auto-focus capable camera is a plus.
  • 1.6 GHz "Core" Class CPU.
  • 1GB System Memory (RAM).
  • Operating systems: Windows, OS X, Linux.
Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (Info) section for additional information.

Custom Solutions

We can help you meet your unique requirements whether you want to extend a specific feature of one of our products or need a complete custom solution built / designed from scratch. An important piece of our services portfolio, besides ongoing upgrades and feature enhancements, is composed of customization and tayloring services.

We provide a full range of cost effective development / customization services including:
  • Complete Data Matrix custom solutions. Generate Data Matrix coupons, tickets, vouchers, tokens or business cards straight from your web application. Increase productivity by using a DM Generator enhanced with Printing capabilities alongside our in-browser reader in order to get a complete online solution.
  • DM reader integration optimizations. Accelerate component deployment by using a taylor made module with added interfacing support for your framework or API of choice.
  • Feature set extension. This customization service is aimed at customers requiring supplementary features (i.e. multiple simultaneous markers support).
  • User Interface redesign / adaptation. Render the user experience seamless and get the best look and feel suiting your application.
  • Adding support for a specific symbology.
  • Development of custom "in-browser" barcode readers / solutions.
  • Migration to other platforms / environments. Interested in going mobile? You can solicit full assistance for embedding / deploying our modules in Air for Android projects.
Close collaboration is the main principle we adhere to when working with our clients in order to satisfy and meet all their requirements and expectations. We are open for discussions about new ideas, projects or development directions. Any relevant input given is highly appreciated.

If you are interested in our services, you can request an immediate project evaluation by sending us an email. Make sure that you include all information and requirements relevant to your project in order to get a proper initial assessment. Each custom solution / project will be priced individually depending on its inherent complexity. Contact us for additional purchasing info or project estimates.

A typical usage scenario of our in-browser Data Matrix Reader:

Typical Usage Scenario for our in-brower Data Matrix Reader
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Javascript Embeddable Data Matrix Reader

Javascript Embeddable Reader Demo

You can evaluate our "Javascript Embeddable Data Matrix Reader" now! Try out the demo below and explore all the rapid integration possibilities the JavaScript Embeddable Reader holds... and much more.
Other Projects
If you don't meet the necessary hardware/software requirements for our demos or if you just want to see our apps / components in action you can watch a quick video overview in the Showcase section.

Touch Friendly Data Matrix Generator

Easy to use Data Matrix Encoder in Flash. Its main purpose is to generate Data Matrix codes on mobile phones or other handheld devices in order to avoid excesive printing. It was designed as a Data Matrix Reader tester and requires a "Flash-enabled" mobile device (e.g. Android phone). The Generator should also work in any Flash Player-enabled environment (i.e. any browser with Flash support)

EAN-13/UPC Barcode Reader in Flash

An experimental EAN-13 / UPC barcode reader in Flash. This reader is not released as a commercial solution as it was developed mainly as a simple 1D barcode reading test application. It has strict hardware requirements : auto-focus or manual (variable) focus camera, capable of at least 640x480 video capture resolution. Open Source : Source code is available for download on the Reader's page.
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