The EAN-13 / UPC Flash Open Source Reader was developed as a basic test / experiment and takes a simple detection & decoding approach. It is not meant for commercial use. This work is still in progress. Depending on the support and feedback we receive, we might invest additional time & effort in improving this solution. Basic hardware requirements: variable focus webcam capable of 640x480 image capture resolution (either auto-focus or manual focus). Prior to scanning the code, you have to calibrate the camera and set the focal distance accordingly, in order to get the best possible image of your scanned codes (if you have a manual focus webcam). Make sure that the whole barcode area crosses the highlighted scan-line.

If you do not meet the minimum hardware requirements, you can watch a brief video demonstration in our Showcase section. If you are looking for a scalable barcode reader solution that works with cheap / common notebook webcams you can try our Data Matrix Reader in Flash Demo Package.

The source code for the EAN-13 / UPC Flash Reader is available for download right from this page. Please read the Terms & Warranties section in order to avoid any uncertainties regarding licensing.

Things you need to know (required) in order to compile the EAN 13 scanner : 1. download the Flex SDK; 2. uncompress it and copy its contents directly to the empty "flex" folder of the reader's source tree; 3. execute / use the two provided batch files in order to generate Debug / Deployment builds.
This work is licensed under a GNU General Public License - Version 3
Courtesy of Ufo Media Design, 2010 - 2013